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Bold Babes Co Presents The Female Founder Formula™

  • Save Time

    All of our course membership materials get STRAIGHT TO THE POINT! No more scrolling through endless stories about some chick's story about how she did things, and more ACTIONABLE ADVICE that helps you implement strategy specifically into your online business.

  • Get Connected

    Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey especially in the online space. I mean last time we checked, the online chamber of commerce, DOESN'T EXIST! That's why each of our membership programs includes facilitated networking opportunities. Because you can definitely meet you next biz bestie or angel investor inside the F3 community.

  • Earn Extra Income

    Love the membership and want to tell the world about it? We'll pay you! Seriously, your enrollment in the F3 community comes with a robust affiliate marketing program that helps you explain the benefits of being a bold babe to your peps and gives you some extra dough too!

Become a Female Founder Today!

The Female Founder Formula™️ is available in two cost effective options for women looking to build their dream e-commerce business. Choose the right plan for you and get started, FOR FREE, today!

BBB Accredited Business

BBB Accredited Businesses pledge to uphold BBB’s Code of Business Practices, while helping to support the local economy through transparent businesses practices. BBB Accreditation is not for all businesses. Accreditation is how BBB recognizes Bold Babes as a Trusted, Competent Leader in their industry and local community.

Our company is A rated and Accredited with the Better Business Bureau